Mail Box

  In the most complex situations some time there are simple solutions.

  We give a address, a real address not just a P O Box. for less than $10 a month*

  We are open 7 days – 12 hours.

  For any reason either it is Personal, Business, Confidential or security you can hire a mail box with MBM.

  When you are on move and you don’t have solution for your mails, MBM can provide you a street address where you
  can call any mails. You can not only receive mails but we can hold it for you and also forward you to your changing

  When you do not want to give your home address for security reason, you can rent a mail box.  

  When you have big family and want to have your confidential mails, you can rent a mail box.

  If you have mails coming from different address and your shipping cost is taking a toll, you can rent a mail box and have
  these shipments hold and send together on periodically basis.

 *Our Rate are

3 Month 6 Month + 1  Month 12 Month + 3 Month
SMALL 36 72 144
MEDIUM 54 108 216
LARGE 66 132 264

    Click here to Download Form

Just download the form. Read it and come with 2 ID proof. Some of the area we can come and do the formalities.   For details call 646 224 0725