Mail Box

 What you want to do?

 Freedom from 9-5 Job
 Being your own boss
 Doing what you want when you want
 Improving your standard of living
 Boredom with your present job
 You think you can do better

 How should I do it?

 Taking franchises of Mail Box Mart INC will be a good idea.

 Why this is a good idea?

 Mail Box Mart has many advantages over other products.
    i)     You are entering service industry

    ii)    You are getting connected to a group which has experience of over 50 years      

   iii)    You will be dealing as one roof solution for type of Industry

   iv)    You will be having a very good margin on the products you will be selling.

   v)     Verylow investment

   vi)    Highly qualified professional to give you training about the products

   vii)    Very low setup time

  viii)    Ready business from day one

   ix)    Easy to learn and do

   x)    You can have multiple stores

   xi)    Market survey is ready for your reference.

  xii)    It opens up more opportunities which give extra social and monitory benefits.


 How to Start?

   Get trained
   Make your business strategy
   Find a location
   Hiring partners, if require?
   Start working on your strategy

 What is the Investment?
   Training Fees = $250 P.H.
   Franchises Fees = $10000 per Store
   Other Fee = $ 250 

   Please note that this is just MBM Fees. Store setting up cost may vary according to size and strategy

 What exactly the business is?

Proposed business is all about shipping, Mail Boxes and Moving Supplies.

      You must have come across the need of shipping in your regular life. What do you do? There are various options 
       a) You sign up with any shipping company like FedEx, whenever you want to ship you give them a call and give the
           shipment to them for delivery. This arrangement is fine till you do not have an urgent shipment. 
       b) You take the package to USPS or DHL or FedEx or UPS or some shipping outlet and hand over the shipment to
            them with their charges. 
      There are many people around who for the various reasons can’t give their permanent address as mailing address. 
       What they do? They hire a Mail Box. What is Mail Box? Mail Box is an address where one can receive the mails. 
      Mostly people have PO Box where they cannot receive packages from carriers like FedEx .. Mail Box is a address
         where all the deliveries are possible and more to go they can receive the delivery at their door step also* without
          knowing the actual address of receiver. To add more advantage to it all the mails of a mail box can be delivered on
       any  address*. 

 Download application form ps1583.pdf